Tuesday, January 7, 2014


 I was an athlete, for a most of the early part of my life,  maybe I still am in my head.  So, with that said, I had been setting and achieving goals I had set for myself  for almost two decades. Since I hate resolutions ( I feel like a loser, the first day I don't exercise, or stand over the sink eating cookies, or forget a birthday) I don't make them.  however, I am  again going to set some goals for myself this year.
 None involve winning medals, dropping times, or even related to the swimming pool, (although those would all help my jeans to fit better) HMMMM!! no, but really!!   they are just  small ones that I want to achieve for myself to help me be a better mom, friend, wife and person.    I found this and thought what a great way to be better in 2014, and I can eat cookies over the sink and feel ok about it from time to time.

1. Bad habit to break:    Self Doubt

2.  New skill to learn:  Taekwondo (hoping to start and adult class with a cute red head I like)

3.  Good deed to do:  Help someone out, when they need it.

4.  Person to me more like:  I don't want to be like anyone, just the best version of me!!

5.  Place to visit:  Can I go back to Utah? (just kidding, sorta!!!)

6.  Book to read:  Just finish one all the way through.

7.  Letter to write:  Since I love writing letters, it will be to my nephew serving a mission

8.  Food to try:  Try less foods (sorry that sounded a bit resolution like doesn't it) :) jean fit better!

9.  Spend more time:  Being in the moment with what I am doing, and less on electronics.

10.  Do better at:  Nurturing what is really important, my husband and kiddos and me!!

 and for fun, wear more mascara, my eyelashes or worthless!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

look who turned three!!

We have so much fun and laugh so hard with/at our little blonde tonka truck. He goes 90 to nothing until he hits the pillow. He is full of energy and charm. He is our happy,go lucky little buddy. Happy Birthday C, we <3 you!!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Three days, three kids, three conversations.... None of them nice When you meet my children, be personable, open, and caring When you talk to me about my children speak kindly, and quietly and positively When you teach my children, be a cheerleader, a mentor, an example When you deal with my children, be patient, understanding, and fair So I don't have to feel like this
or this...
or better yet this.......
Love, Their mom

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Great weekend, great time, and great weather. Let's see, we rode bikes, took a walk, redid the bathroom floor upstairs, played outside, returned the turtle to it's wild home, :) and :( !!!!!!! Out to dinner, cake at home with Nana and Papa did not make the banana bread, and enjoyed each other. Looking forward to the week. Happy Sunday!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Plans

This weather is cool and crisp and the weekend is here!! I am looking so forward to the week's end and a slower pace, at least for two days. We plan to work in the yard while the boys ride bikes, take walks, out to dinner for the birthday boy, eat meals together, enjoy cooler weather, bake banana bread, finalize the halloween costumes, make a bat mobile, but best of all I get to spend some time with these handsome men
XOXO Happy weekend KATHO

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday boy

Someone in our house has a birthday today. There was a bike, cake, presents, bithday dinners and six candles. Austin is growing up, he is funny, and stubborn and loving and makes us crazy and laugh. He makes our hearts swell, and happy and proud. We love him and the sweet little guy he is becomming. Happy 6th Birthday Little Buddy We love you.... LOTS Six of Austin's favorites 1. Eating 2. Playing outside with his brothers 3. His family 4. Doughnuts 5. Animals 6. Snuggling with mom and dad